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The pages of the book "Poems Jahanshah Hakyky" with the new cover released

The new book
Poems Jahanshah Haghighi
Dr. Hangeldi Ownuk: The below are shown pictures of the new book entitled "Poems Jahanshah Haghighi (Hakyky)" with the turkmen classical alphabet. (text is written Arabic - Persian). This book has been published by the publications "Behjat". The brief description of that book here inserted:

Reference: - "Divane Jahānšāh Haghighi" Writing and Research: Dr. Khangaldi Onagh, publication: "Behjat", printed: Gulshan, Tehran, 1392 (2014), pp. 248.

شناسنامه دیوان جهانشاه حقیقی
ID of Poems J.Hakyky

This version of "Divan-e Jahanshah Haghighi (Hakyky)" based on handwritten manuscripts from the library of the Academy of Sciences of Armenia, which is known as "Matenadaran Fund», was collected.

In the history of the world have a course titled "The Historical period of Turkmens" which it refers to the "Turkmen Ghaznavids, Seljukids, Kharazmshahian, Qara Qoyunli and Aq Qoyunlies dynasties". After the recent dynasty, groups of Turkmen tribes, with a conversion to another religiouse in XV century, such as the Safavids, Afsharian, Bigdelies and Usti Tachli (Ustachlu), Qajar, Zu Al-Qadrs and ... But, in the period of Safavids, changing the course of history has.

This period of history, in the cultures of historians, narrators and scholars worldwide as a "History of the Turkmen" is known. (This period starts from the Chronicles Bayhaqi.).

This discusion of the topic, the latest period of the "The Historical period of Turkmens" that are concurrent with the Renaissance in Europe in the transition to the new period of century.

In this book, we will describing about the works and biographies one of the brave kings Turkmen "Jahanshah Qara Qoyunly" the pen name is on the "Haghighi (Hakyky)" who lived in the XIV century.

So it is dedicated to the studies of the history and artifacts related to the King and also to study around the different periods of histories and literature, specially about the Oghuz Turkmens and their literature scouts, like as Jahanshah Haghighi, Imad Al-Din Nasimi, Abdurrahman Jami and etc. have been done.

A copy of the microfilm of the manuscripts that had been brought from Armenia to the Republic of Turkmenistan.

This manuscripts in the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, in the Institute of Manuscripts by the Dr. Rahman Rejepov (PhD in Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan) and the layout by the Director Institute Manuscripts Dr. Anna Qurban Ashirov in 1999 - in Ashgabat, with the turkmen-russian alphabets (Cyrillic or Cyril) was translated and printed.

In the top of the article are shown pictures of the new book entitled "Poems of Jahanshah Haghighi" by the turkmen classical alphabet. (the text poem is written in turkmen language with the arabic-persian alphabets) which it included 62 pages of the book, about the life and biographies of Poet Haghighi in persian language. 86 pages are poems. And had offers fresh information.

This book has been published by the "Behjat" publication, that here have be inserted.

Dr. Ownuk H. - Toronto - 21 July 2014 
Jahanşa Diwany Hakda Gazýete Gepleşigi
مصاحبه نشریّه «حیدربابا» با دکتر خانگلدی اونق،
نویسنده اثر ماندگار «دیوان جهانشاه حقیقی» در تورنتو

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