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Scientific - Social Activities Biography of owner Dissertation

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Name: is "OWNUK Hangeldi Arazgeldi ogli (Овнук, Хангелди Аразгелди оглы)"; Born on the 4th "Month Dey" in 1335/S. in accordance with 28 December 1956. He was born in Iran, in the province of Golestan, region of Turkmensahra. The Turkmen city of Hojanepes was the exact place of his birth.
Resident of Iran - Turkmensahra - province Golestan - Hojanepes (Khajehnafas), a majorly Turkmen populated city.

He primary education begun at the city of his birth. He received his senior high school diploma certificate from Benderturkmen (Bandar-e-Turkman) city high school in 1979-78(1357/S.). After secondary school, he pursued to become a teacher, and enrolled in the post-secondary school of Teacher Training Institute in the city of Gorgan. ...

During his education with music, painting (oil paint art work), and poetry-literature (cultural, social and political activities), agriculture and with other aspects of social activities as a cultural fields of art and social works he found a certain familiarity.

Their higher education courses was coincided with the event of Iranian revolution in 1979, matching with Muslims calendars in 1357/S.

After graduating from Teacher Training Institute at the Gorgan city in 1359/S.(1981). In late that year had occurred Cultural Revolution in the Iran. Then was leading to the closure of universities and other Educational guilds. He was denied out of working for 4 years in that situation.

Then in 1364(1985) to employment conditional in the paperwork at the Benderturkmen city Education was.

While working and studying in that situation had problems since, He decided to continue his education in outside of Iran. Thus, in July of 1987, he had moved to the Europa. Then he must be learning about the situation in Soviet Turkmenistan. …

But he went to the Turkmenistan in 1987. Because was partisan biases in the USSR, the Soviet authorities initially without the compassion to his. After awhile of passed long periods of interrogations and supervised, He was entered to the History Institute of Academy Sciences of Turkmenistan in Ashgabat as a Young Scholar on scientific research, in 1989.

Working in conjunction with the Academy of Sciences in 1990. Participating in the establishment and operation of foreign language faculty at the Azady State Institute of Ashgabat until 1995. He was busy to teach Persian language as overtime.

In the second half of December in 1995, He was the successful defense of dissertation as a Academic Degree of PhD., Period Candidacy of scientific on the subject of "The Cultural History of Turkmens of Iran (XIX-XX cc.)" was. …

He worked at the Institute of History of under the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan since 1998. He started his scientific work in the Institute from the position of Junior Research Officer and during comparatively brief time He passed the steps of the Research Officer and Chief Research Officer.

Earlier He had worked at Sh. Batirov Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan as a Chief Research Officer. Here He prepared the dissertation for the competition of the Academic Degree of PhD., Period Candidacy of historical sciences and he successfully protected it on the second half of December in 1995.

He has been during his work at the Institute of History under the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan He'd proved as an executive employer and excellent specialist. Freely knowing some languages at the writing of the scheduled works He used some of basic languages as an official sources in Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Turkmen, Russian and English.

He had been during his scientific work wrote more than 70 scientific, popular scientific articles. Sphere of his interests is wide. Investigating the history, culture of the Turkmen nation since the antiquity up to now, He prepared the monograph and the doctoral thesis PhD. “The Social and Economic, Ethnic History and Culture of Iranian Turkmens (on the XX century until 2005)”.

He took active part in the work of the international and republic scientific conferences, symposiums.

He assisted at the arrangement and the start of work the international channel of the telecasting of Turkmen National Television – TV channel 4, and also He took part as an Editor-Translator of Persian language of the higher category within August, 2004 – April, 2005.

He during his work at the Institute of History under the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan proved only from the positive side. Having the broad outlook, He is politically literate; and he took active poet at the public works. He has a deserved authority between colleagues and people around main.

Alongside of activities scientific-research, his latest post, at the Institute of History of under coverage of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, was consultant of counseling minister under managing of Dr. Mohammed Aydogdiev.

He’s been in September 2005 in Canada. He came to stay permanently in this country. He’s Include as a one of Canadian Turkmen population who lives in Toronto city of Federal Canada. ...
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