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Characteristics of Ownuk Hangeldi son Orazgeldi
Chief Research officer of World Turkmen’s
History Sector of Institute of History under
The Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan
Ownuk Hangeldi works at the Institute of History of under the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan since 1998. He starts his scientific work in the Institute from the position of Junior Research Officer and during comparatively brief time he passed the steps of the Research Officer and Chief Research Officer.
Earlier Ownuk Hangeldi worked at Sh. Batyrov Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan as a Chief Research Officer. Here he prepared the dissertation for the competition of the academic degree of the candidate of historical sciences and he successfully protected it on January, 1996.
Ownuk H. during his work at the Institute of History under the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan he proved as an executive employer and excellent specialist. Freely knowing some languages at the writing of the scheduled works he used the sources in Persian, Arabian, Turkish, Turkmen, Russian and English languages.
Ownuk H. during his scientific work wrote more then 70 scientific, popular scientific articles. Sphere of his interests is wide. Investigating the history, culture of the Turkmen nation since the antiquity up to now, he prepared the monograph and the doctoral thesis “ Social and Economic, Ethnic History and Culture of Iranian Turkmen ( from XX century till 2005)”.
Ownuk H. took active part in the work of the international and republic scientific conferences, symposiums.
He assisted at the arrangement and the start of work the international channel of the telecasting of Turkmen National Television – TV 4, and also he took part as an Editor-Translator of Persian language of the higher category within August, 2004 – April, 2005.
Ownuk H. during his work at the Institute of History under the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan proved only from the positive side. Having the broad outlook, he is politically literate; he takes active paet at the public works. He has a deserved authority between colleagues and people around him.

Director of the Institute ofHistory under the Cabinet
Of Ministers of Turkmenistan Mukhammed Aydogdyev /signature/
August 31, 2005

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