Sunday, October 29, 2017

Collection of my dissertation defance of 2 Educational of nomination and Doctoral

Сборник моей диссертационной научьная работа по два этапом образовательная кандидатский и докторскйих
مجموعه ای از آثار و پایان نامه من از 2 آموزش نامزدی و دکترا بعلاوه آثار جنبی

B_Shelf 2-Info an English A_Shelf 1-Info in persian

Guide to scientific-research collection

راهنمای مجموعه آثار علمی-پژوهشی
View Info. of my books /Book specifications/ 1st COLLECTION First part (Latin-Türkmençe)
1. Folder A: Degrees related to scientific degrees in science and doctoral studies at the Turkmen Academy of Sciences.

Shelf 4 Shelf 3 Shelf 2 Shelf 1




Awtoref_4 dil_3 elip
Shelf 7 Shelf 6 Guide Shelf 5


فارسی و ترکمنچه


Shelf 11 Shelf 10 Shelf 9 Shelf 8
The full text of the synopsis of dissertation 




View Info. of my books /Book specifications/ 2nd COLECTION "5. B folder": "Divan-i Jahansha Hakyky"
It is related to my academic research, which is in line with my main scientific work. Its first edition was published by Behjat Publishing House in Tehran in 2014. In this series, its second edition is ready and provided, which contains 440 pages in the Word of the program available on USB. In order to facilitate editing, it was written down in 3 separate volumes, along with the list, resources and explanations, and then we gathered every-one in a file. This work is as a second print; ...

فصل اوّل فصل دوّم فصل سوّم دیوان کامل حقیقی

فصل اوّل دیوان 114 ص.

فصل دوّم دیوان 96 ص.

فصل سوّم دیوان 250 ص

کامل دیوان 442 صص.


View Info. of my books /Book specifications/ 3rd. COLLECTION "6. C Folder": It is about my academic research, which I have prepared alongside of my main scientific work; Title of the folder: C_My_Other_Books The content of the C folder contains 4 Word Programs files designated with Roman counts "i, ii, .. iv".

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